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Are you an adventurous home cook who is curious about global cuisines?

Are you the kind of cook who delights in discovering new and exciting flavors?

If you say yes, then you’re in exactly the right place! 

Kesar Kitchen & Chef Naina are here to open up the world of spices to you! From using common spices in uncommon ways to discovering new, distinct flavors and myriad techniques to bring those spices to life, Chef Naina teaches online cooking classes that embrace the whole spectrum; from simple to sensational! 

My next class ‘Persian-inspired street tacos’ is scheduled for September 2023! Registration is COMING SOON! So stay tuned!!

More about Chef Naina

I have a multi-layered, multi-cultural background peppered with experiences in more kitchens and cuisines than I can count! Despite all this diversity though, there is one common element that ties them all together and brings me to you - spices! From the humble cumin seed to glorious threads of saffron, I believe that spices are the essential key to unlocking flavor in both your cooking and your palate as you, and those you love, enjoy what you have prepared.  

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