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Naina Bhedwar is a self-taught Chef whose passion for food and cooking began when she was barely knee high, in the kitchens of her mother and grandmothers, two of the best cooks she knows to date!  

Chef Naina's 6 Essential Spices for your Pantry!

Ground Cumin
Warm, earthy and musky, the use of cumin dates back 4000 years and appears in many global cuisines from Mexican to Indian.
Kashmiri Chilli Powder
Made from the relatively mild Kashmir red chili, this powder lends slight heat and a deep vermillion hue to the dishes it is used in. A simple marinade recipe of turmeric, Kashmiri chili powder and a pinch of garam masala is one you will return to again and again.
Ground Cinnamon
Chef Naina considers this an essential spice not for desserts but for savoury dishes. Middle Eastern cuisine, especially Moroccan, uses cinnamon in it's sauces and stews to add a signature flavor that is quite addictive.
Ground Coriander
Nutty with notes of citrus, ground coriander is best ground in small batches from the toasted seed. This versatile spice also helps tie flavors together in many a curry based dish.
Ground Turmeric
Known the world over for its golden hue, turmeric lends an instant hit of color to rice, vegetable and meat dishes. It's warmth and very slight bitterness, along with long known heath benefits make it a staple spice for any adventurous pantry.
Garam Masala Powder
Easily comparable to a 5-spice, this is a ubiquitous Indian spice blend and far more versatile than the average curry powder. Lending an unmistakably 'Indian' flavor profile to many dishes, it should be used in measured amounts or can overpower other flavors.
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What We Do at Kesar Kitchen

Kesar Kitchen & Chef Naina aim to demystify the world of spices and how to cook with them, taking your food to the next level. 

To open culinary doors and broaden epicurean horizons by bringing esoteric flavors closer to home. 

Chef Naina firmly believes that cooking with spices need not be intimidating and that starting small is the key to successfully and seamlessly incorporating new and exciting flavors into your repertoire. 

Be it through an intensive 1:1 cooking series or a one-off public cooking class, you will be sure to take home at least one, likely many more, tidbit of essential know-how that will change the way you cook, for good. 

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"Chef Naina uses wonderful flavors and stories to bring her cooking to life! Recently attended her Indian Street Food class and I am hooked!"

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